Get a Grip and Go®!
5 Simple Steps to Receiving What You Want

10 Week Group Program

1 Is there something you want that seems impossible to achieve?
1 Is your heart telling you that you’ve been neglecting your own needs and it’s time for a change?
1 Are you trying to see your way through a major challenge in your life?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, you are ready for a change, and ready to be inspired.  I call this the “change activation stage”, where the desire meets momentum.  The next step is to Get a Grip and Go®! With your strong desire, and me as your guide in this 10 week group program to supply the momentum, you will be propelled forward naturally and easily.

Were you faced with a difficult challenge in the past and you choked?
Concerned you’ll choke again?

Don’t worry; you’ve got Gail Stone’s patented Process – a simple, step by step approach to help you shift your attitude from “can’t do” to “can do”. I’ll show you how to choose to get a grip and get going – steadily, surely and on track. I’ll show you how to choose to get a grip and get going – steadily, surely and on track.  Take a minute and consider how your life will be different after learning how to:

  • Set a powerful intention and watch it turn into reality.
  • Come to grips with your blocks and remove them.
  • Discover the negative beliefs that hold you back and shift them.
  • Handle your biggest challenge and thrive through it.
  • Reclaim your personal power over life’s challenges.
  • Create a masterful plan of action that propels you forward.
  • Regain your joy, playfulness and passion for life.
  • Take what looks impossible and make it happen.

Can you picture that life?  Good because, by applying myGet a Grip and Go®! Five-Step Process, you will learn exactly that.  The only reason we don’t live the life of our dreams is because we don’t really believe it is possible to do so.  And, deep down, we don’t believe we truly deserve it.  Ring true?  Isn’t it time to shift that ‘stinking thinking’?
Among the many things you will learn let go off are: unconscious “I don’t deserve…” beliefs, disempowering thoughts, focusing on the negative and that ole stinking thinking.

The result:
— You will feel more positive and confident about yourself and your ability to attract into your life whatever you want,
— More importantly, you will know how to thrive, no matter what life hands you!

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But, don’t take just my word for it. Read what past participants have to say:

"Gail Stone is truly gifted.  She is a rare combination of love, keen intelligence, humor, deep spirituality, boundless energy, wisdom and insight.  A true “can do” person, Gail possesses a gentle yet firm perseverance.  I have had the pleasure of working through Gail’s’ powerful Get a Grip and Go process in the areas of personal prosperity and abundance.  The process is simple and profound – and in a word – it WORKS!  Gail was able to unearth the hidden barriers to my success while she taught me how to effectively get what I want.  During the process, my income increased, I received unexpected money and I had unexpected cost savings….and the positive benefits have continued long after the program was over.  The internal shifts that I gained through Get a Grip and Go are life changing.  I highly recommend both Gail Stone and Get a Grip and Go!"

Andrea Shea Hudson, Business & Life Strategist


"Gail Stone is a WOW in my book!  Great things always happen when I work with Gail!  She is a joy to work with and consistently shows up with her positive attitude, outstanding communication skills and her ability to see and achieve excellence.  Gail's Get a Grip and Go® process zero's in on creating results worth realizing.  She exhibited mastery in guiding me through her process and I recommend it to anyone wanting to achieve results, using a proven process, to create more of what you want for your life."

Jane E. Johnson, The Strengths Coach

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“The mind is it own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.” ~ John Milton

The first thing I will help you get a grip on is your attitude, because your attitude either causes you to succeed or curses you to fail!

Attitude: “a state of feeling or mind about a person or situation; a position of the body or manner of carrying oneself” (Webster’s 11 New Riverside Dictionary)

Ernest Holmes, the father of the Science of Mind movement and author of many books has this to say about attitude in his book, Creative Mind and Success.
“Most people simply sit and wish for, or long for, something. They may even have a great desire or hope. They may even go so far as to believe that their desire is going to happen. All this is good as far as it goes, but it does not go far enough. What we must do is to provide that already-having-received attitude. This may seem hard at first, but…it is the only way that mind works…We all need more backbone and less wishbone. There is something which waits only our recognition to spring into being, bringing with it all the power of the universe.”

In this Get a Grip and Go®! Five Simple Steps to Receiving What You Want 10 week program, you will learn how to cultivate a powerful, “already having received” attitude, which some people call acting “as if” and others term “faking it until you make it”. Research by psychologists in the field of positive psychology now shows that cultivating this type of attitude is one of the keys to success of Thrivers, people who thrive and flourish in life despite the circumstances. Being a Thriver myself, I will be happy to share all the Success Secrets of a Thriver with you.

The Attitude of a Thriver:

“It has nothing to do with who they think you are or what they think you can accomplish and everything to do with who you think you are and what you think you can accomplish. You can’t get what you deserve until you get that you deserve.”  ~ Gail Stone

Without vision, belief and the right attitude, no change is likely. With a clear vision, a strong belief and an empowering attitude, anything is possible. Especially when you make up your mind to not only get through, but thrive through the challenges in life - no matter what!


“Gail's Get a Grip and Go process is phenomenal.  In our time working on prosperity together, Gail took me "in" quickly.  With her support, I saw beliefs and perspectives that had been holding me back, which I hadn't even been aware of.  These included the source of my prosperity and energy drains, and how I give up easily with my finances.   Quite frankly, I was surprised, since I had already done so much other work to uncover hidden beliefs.  During my time working with Gail on prosperity, I got an unexpected $13,000 tax refund, and I found $3,000 in an old account.  Gail's support and energy are unfailing.  I wholeheartedly recommend working with Gail, and with Get a Grip and Go.”

Ellie Pope, Founder, Wild Wiggle

“Gail Stone is a combination of energizer bunny and guru. The quotes in her workbook are worth the price of admission alone, but you will be astounded at the effectiveness of the exercises to move you through resistance. Watch the limiting beliefs disappear as you Get a Grip and Go for whatever you want in life.”

Linda Hanan, Human Design Analyst
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Using my powerful five-step process, I will show you how to create:

1A clear starting point and powerful intention to get you going,
1A potent vision to propel you forward,
1A clear, compelling set of statements to empower you,
1A carefully crafted action plan to enable you to keep on track,
1A firm belief that it’s possible to see your dream come true,
1A magnetic receiving ability that will attract what you’ve been visualizing and verbalizing, and much much more.

Without vision, belief and the right attitude, no change is likely to occur. With a clear vision, a strong belief and an empowering attitude, anything is possible – especially when you make up your mind to not only get through, but thrive through the challenges in life, no matter what.

This Get A Grip and Go®! Five Simple Steps to Receiving What You Want 10 week telephone seminar will help you create that vision, hold that belief and shift your attitude, so you can get on with it, stop whining and start winning!

“How would you like to be able to completely turn things around so that instead of feeling hassled by your beliefs, you were helped and healed by them? Get ready! Working with Gail taught me so much about my attitude and the little self-sabotage things I used to do that added up to so much.  Now, it’s so clear that I’m not just a survivor or a striver…I’m a kick-but THRIVER!  Gail’s five-step process is simple, yet so profound.  Thank you, Gail, for showing us how to lighten up, stay on track and get from asking to receiving!”

Nina East, Author of Rapid Relationship Recovery and Business and Career Catalyst

 “Gail Stone lives and breathes getting results.  If you’re looking for a concise, effective strategy to meet your goals, reach your dreams and accomplish more of what you want in life, Gail’s the person to get you there.  She has an uncanny ability to cut through fluff and identify the core barriers to success.  Get the program, commit yourself to the exercises and you’ll be amazed at the difference in your life!”

Kim George, Author of Coaching into Greatness and CEO, AQ Institute

 PROGRAM SPECIFICS:  The Get a Grip and Go®! Five Simple Steps to Receiving What You Want group program consists of:

1  10 weeks of one hour, interactive telephone classes – class size of 14 -so you can participate easily (all classes will also be recorded and available on Real Audio)

1  Get a Grip and Go®! Guide with exercises, empowering quotes and high impact information

1  Set of 2 CDs with the exercises and empowering quotes for each step

1  30 minute coaching session with Gail to get you started

1  Weekly buddy calls with another member of the program

1  Free DISC behavioral assessment to show you your natural selling style and how to communicate effectively with others

1  6 bonus guest expert one-hour, highly interactive calls with other professional coaches to empower you to keep moving forward

1  3 months of monthly follow-up group calls after the program ends to help you stay on track.

I ask you, isn’t all this worth just $49.50 per week?  If you agree, here are the specifics on how to get a grip and get going. 

Program Time: Classes are conveniently held over the phone – no travel.

Program Dates: New Class starting 2007

Program Cost: $495 -3 Easy payments of $165

All classes will be recorded and available on Real Audio, in case you have to miss one.

Class Closed

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Gail H. Stone, helping people to Get a Grip and Go®!


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