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This is normally where people tell you all about themselves, but I thought you might want to hear what others have to say first. These comments are from my R & D team, an amazing group of over 40 men and women, many of whom are current or former clients or colleagues and whose professional credentials range from a NASA rocket scientist, college professors, small business owners, marketing communications and fundraising execs, and trainers to an Assistant State Treasurer, retired Major General, two professional women who are currently stay-at-home Moms, my ex-husband (a civil engineer) and some family members to provide long-time perspective.

You can find more in-depth information on my professional and personal life in the Biography and Family Album pages.

When I think of Gail, I think of someone who:

- has energy, focus, discipline and charisma. – Deb, interfaith minister and relationship coach
- has many fine qualities and gives the immediate impression she knows what she is talking about – a true professional. – Wes, corporate communications exec.
- has energy, enthusiasm and “bounce backability”. – David, college professor
- is energetic, honest, upbeat, outgoing, compassionate, lively and dedicated. – Deb, public relations exec.

I would call Gail if I or someone I knew needed:

- a motivational or inspirational job done or an immediate problem solved, especially regarding energizing an organization. – Catherine, trainer & HR consultant
- executive level coaching from a professional life skills consultant offering proven tools and techniques to succeed in major life transitions or to maximize personal growth. – Madelyn, financial services exec.
- help determining how to get out of a rut or sort through a conflict. – Julie, retired non-profit exec.
- direction in life or a serious problem to be solved – Betsy, financial advisor
- an idea promoted or an impasse solved. – Jim, rocket scientist
- a sales or fundraising job done or a networking problem solved. – Trish, a Mom

I would not call Gail if I or someone I knew needed:

- an accountant. – Donna, sales & marketing exec.
- rest. – Bob, publisher
- to feel sorry for myself or if I was wedded to the way things are. – Jo, fundraising exec.

What makes Gail unique is:

- the package – high-energy, self-directed yet empowering,  compassionate and pragmatic, driven yet gentle, giving you room respectfully yet wanting you to maximize your progress toward your goals. – Jo – fundraising exec.
- her ability to see possibilities and believe they can be achieved. –   Donna, sales & marketing exec.
- her ability to turn a negative into a positive. – Pam, school board   administrator
- her perception and uncanny ability to describe. – Fran, college professor
- her ability to always be positive even under the worst of conditions. “Let me help you understand the health and spiritual benefits of being a positive thinker” is what she exudes. – Jay, marketing exec.
- the way she absolutely trusts that the universe will take care of her and then goes about helping the universe make it happen. – Chris, civil engineer

Gail H. Stone, helping people to Get a Grip and Go®!


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