Are you ready to stop asking and

Do you ever wish you could just
get a grip and get going? 

When facing a life change or challenging situation,
you DO have a choice –

You can “choke”… or you can choose to Get a Grip and Go®!

Tuesday, 7:21pm

Dear Friend,

If you’re like most people, you’re smart, capable, maybe even enthusiastic, yet you often find yourself struggling with wanting more out of life than what you currently have. You’ve gotten stuck in “survivor” mode – just getting through things, handling what has to be handled, putting out fires

– but you are craving something more.

"Your happiness is not a frivolous, expendable luxury. The pursuit of happiness is an inalienable right guaranteed by the Declaration of Independence. But we have to be willing to pursue it. Ultimately, genuine happiness can only be realized once we commit to making it a personal priority in our lives."
- Sarah Ban Breathnach

I’ll bet there are times you can really imagine making yourself and your happiness a personal priority – and you may even get excited about that possibility for a while!

But then, real life kicks in, and you’re back to the same old same old.

And not only are you back to the same old same old, you may even be beating yourself up for it because you think you should know better.

Sound familiar?

If it does, it’s because you’re not alone.

Even in America, less than 15% of older individuals report ever achieving the goals they believed they could achieve in their youth.

Less than 15%.

In other words, they’re always wanting….never getting.

Always asking…but not figuring out a way to actually RECEIVE the good they had envisioned for themselves and the happiness they deserve.

But here’s the good news.

You AREN’T like the masses.


What I have found is that people who are drawn to this site already have part of what it takes to begin receiving what they want! In other words, they are poised to start receiving and achieving the good they envision. They just need a handful of simple steps and the right kind of support…and everything starts to change!


“You were born with potential. You were born with goodness and truth. You were born with ideals and dreams. You were born with greatness. You were born with wings. You’re not meant for crawling, so don’t. You have wings. Learn to use them and to fly.”
- Rumi

Here’s some MORE good news.

There’s a reason why what you’ve tried before hasn’t worked for you.

And it’s not your fault.


Most programs out there that are supposed to help you have a better life are:

  1. Too theoretical. In other words, they don’t really give you practical, effective tools to use when real life comes knocking. And it always comes knocking. The real life, step-by-step Get a Grip and Go®! process was created so you don’t have to wonder what to do when the going gets rough.

    2. Cookie-cutter programs that don’t take into account who YOU are and what YOUR LIFE is really like. It’s as if people think you ought to be able to do exactly what they did exactly the way they did it and it should work for you – completely negating who YOU are. This is a process that takes YOU into account!

    3. They are actually set up to make you feel worse about yourself – even though it’s the programs that are at fault! No wonder they didn’t work for you – they were flawed from the beginning!
    You deserve better than that.

I can relate. Believe me.
I’m a lot like you.

I’ve tried it all.

Taken all the seminars.
Read all the books.

And, yet, I always came back to the tried and true simple process I’d developed as a teenager to help me get the guy I had a crush on. No kidding! And it worked like a charm, on him, and on all the people and things I’ve wanted to manifest in my life. Now I’m thrilled to be able to share it with you.

Here’s what I realized.

You and I are people who never give up. We have energy. We like to be inspired and we like inspiring others. And we keep working at making ourselves and our lives better.
That’s just who we are.

That’s where the Get a Grip and Go®! process comes in.

This was my way of never giving up – of taking everything I knew about what worked, what didn’t work, how people REALLY THRIVE, and making it super simple, super easy, and super step-by-step.

This unique, proprietary process is the exact structure you need to shift from asking to receiving!

“Gail's Get a Grip and Go®!   process is phenomenal.  In our time working on prosperity together, Gail took me "in" quickly.  With her support, I saw beliefs and perspectives that had been holding me back, which I hadn't even been aware of.  These included the source of my prosperity and energy drains, and how I give up easily with my finances.  Quite frankly, I was surprised, since I had already done so much other work to uncover hidden beliefs.  During my time working with Gail on prosperity, I got an unexpected $13,000 tax refund, and I found $3,000 in an old account.  Gail's support and energy are unfailing.  I wholeheartedly recommend working with Gail, and with Get a Grip and Go.”
- Ellie Pope, Entrepreneur


Here’s what you’ll receive with the Get a Grip and Go®! process:

- 5 Simple Steps to keep you on track!
Key words here are “Simple” and “Steps”. I believe in keeping things simple so that you will actually use them, and so you get to experience success right from the beginning. And by making it a step-by-step process, including dozens of exercises anyone can follow, you can have the confidence that you will move forward easily and effortlessly.

- An empowering attitude!
You’ll get crystal clear on what’s in it for you – you, specifically – so that you will know exactly how to inspire yourself to move forward, change your thoughts and do whatever it takes to shift your attitude from “can’t do” to “can do”! “The use of the phrase itself shifts things from ‘woe is me’ to ‘get a grip’ empowerment. – Lynne, a retired Corporate Executive

- How to utilize the PULL of clear intention!
Ever notice how you want one thing but when you get it, it’s not quite what you pictured? No more of that. With this unique clarifying process, you will experience the JOY of receiving what you want or something even better that you hadn’t thought possible.

- The difference between getting and RECEIVING – and what this means for you!
Often the terms “get” and “receive” are used interchangeably. That may be OK for some people, but not for you. Being able to see the difference – in both the physical and metaphysical realms – is one of the most important pieces to help you get a grip and go! Without it, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve got. It’s time for you to start receiving what you want!

- The distinction between possibility and impossibility – and why this is so essential!
Many people struggle with wanting what they secretly think is really “impossible” to achieve. As long as this is going on for you, you are set up to lose a grip and simply survive. Once you have this distinction, plus the process that kick starts your future, you will definitely get a grip, truly thrive and make the seemingly impossible happen!

- How to discover your unique “come from” and why that is absolutely critical.
This incredible process sets up your rock solid foundation, so even if you hesitate along the way, your footing is super-stable. This is one of the key, proprietary ingredients no other program provides.

- The secrets of success of thrivers to help you shift from simply suriving to truly thriving through any and all challenges.
You’ll get 10 key Thriver Secrets that will help you develop the unshakable Thriver Attitude! These secrets, combined with the 5 simple steps, will have you getting a grip and going in no-time flat.

- How to lighten up and celebrate yourself and your accomplishments, in a way that gets it in your body all the way down to your little toes!
Everybody says you should lighten up and learn to celebrate, but do they really help you do it? Do they really tell you why it’s so important? You may have heard this is important and you’d really like to do it – after all, you do have a playful side – but after so many years of struggle, it doesn’t feel so natural to lighten up and celebrate. Never fear, my dear. I’ll show you how and you’ll sense me holding your hand – and jumping for joy – right along with you!

- A Simple Way to get your beliefs to stop hassling you and start HELPING YOU!
We’ve all heard “I’ll see it when I believe it”. And that’s easier said than done, right? You know why? It’s all because of how we think about our beliefs and what we do with them. How would it feel to be able to completely turn things around so that instead of feeling hassled and harried by your beliefs, you feel helped and healed by them? Get ready!

- How to eliminate the mental and physical dust bunnies!
Everyone has mental and physical dust bunnies – thoughts rambling around, picking up every little bit of negative thinking, and people and things clogging up your space and blocking you from receiving your good. Stuff does happen after all. With the Get a Grip and Go®! process, it’s like having a gigantic, spiritual dust mop that works non-stop, just for you!

- Amazing Creation Aids to help you get the job done!
I’m not just going to tell you what to do; I’m also going to teach you key Creation Aids to support you throughout the process. Remember, I’ve been there, too. By going from trial and error to success, I was able to create the tools and support you’ll need to help you stay on track all along the way. And, I will show you how to design your very own powerful action plan that will pull you forward.

- How to leap from Step 5 to what’s next in your life!
Once most programs end, they end. And you’re on your own.
Not so with the Get a Grip and Go®! process. I’ve got your back! Before you’re done, I’ll help you set up primary and secondary support structures to make sure your Grip is sure and you keep receiving what you want! Not only will you get a grip and go, you’ll get a grip and keep ON going!

- Non-stop Inspiration!
And through it all, you will experience the power of some of the most inspirational quotes from throughout history. One overjoyed participant said that the inspirational quotes alone were enough to change her whole perspective!

“Gail Stone is a combination of energizer bunny and guru. The quotes are worth the price of admission alone, but you will be astounded at the effectiveness of the exercises to move you through resistance. Watch the limiting beliefs disappear as you Get a Grip and Go for whatever you want in life.”
 - Linda Hanan, Human Design Analyst - 1-973-455-1249

“Gail Stone lives and breathes getting results.  If you’re looking for a concise, effective strategy to meet your goals, reach your dreams and accomplish more of what you want in life, Gail’s the person to get you there.  She has an uncanny ability to cut through fluff and identify the core barriers to success.  Take the program, commit yourself to the exercises and you’ll be amazed at the difference in your life!”
- Kimberly George, Author, Social Capitalist and President, Leverage Dynamics


And if you’re still wondering, here’s why the Get a Grip and Go®! Process is unlike anything you’ve tried before:

1. It is a blend of Old Wisdom and New Science.
Lots of people may talk about spirituality and quantum physics, but mostly they’re just talking. Sometimes they are just repeating what they’ve heard someone else say, hoping desperately it will work for them. What the entire Get a Grip and Go®! process has done is, literally, blend new scientific discoveries with age-old wisdom to produce new and inspired possibilities that you can see and feel.

2. It is simple, concentrated and deliberate – leading you through 5 specific steps with key exercises in a clear amount of time, so you see and feel your changes happening right away. Relying on willpower doesn’t work – or else your life would be different already, right? So I’ve built in the necessary support structures you need to sustain your success and ensure that you keep moving toward what you want. It takes the guesswork and self-doubt out of getting a grip and going.

3. It is focused on YOU.
Yes, the exercises are the same for everyone, but each person uses the OUTCOMES from each exercise in a unique way. So what happens for you won’t be exactly like what happens for someone who’s nothing like you. No cookie-cutters here. It’s all about you.

4. The power is in Your powerful Intention!
So rather than perpetuating the belief that you aren’t good enough or your life isn’t good enough already – a sure-fire recipe for failure, by the way – you will experience the power of magnetic intentions that automatically result in effective actions plans and eliminating blocks, including the blocks you didn’t even know were there

And what’s more, it’s already a PROVEN program.

I’m not testing it out on you hoping it will work.

Not only can I show you how it has worked in my life, it has worked for hundreds of other people, just like you.

Don’t take my word for it. Listen to what they have to say:

“The Get a Grip and Go®! Guide is hot-hot-hot! Gail has created a blueprint for engineering the life you love. She shows you how to choose a course and make it happen fast. Get a grip and grab this book and get on the fast track to success.”
- Michael Port, Author of Book Yourself Solid, The Fastest, Easiest and Most Reliable System for Getting More Clients Than You Can Handle Even If You Hate Marketing And Selling

“This book is like a slap on the head to get you thinking and realizing you can get what you want in life – if you apply Gail’s 5 simple steps. It’s like having the owner’s manual you’ve always wished for, engagingly written by the energizer expert herself to keep you inspired. Get it and gain the key to unleashing the power of you.”
- Mitch Meyerson, Author of Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars and President of Guerrilla Marketing Coach www.

"Gail Stone is a WOW in my book!  Great things always happen when I work with Gail!  She is a joy to work with and consistently shows up with her positive attitude, outstanding communication skills and her ability to see and achieve excellence.  Gail's Get a Grip and Go® process zero's in on creating results worth realizing.  She exhibited mastery in guiding me through her process and I recommend it to anyone wanting to achieve results, using a proven process, to create more of what you want for your life."
-  Jane E Johnson, The Strengths Coach -

“Gail Stone is truly gifted.  She is a rare combination of love, keen intelligence, humor, deep spirituality, boundless energy, wisdom and insight.  A true “can do” person, Gail possesses a gentle yet firm perseverance.  I have had the pleasure of working through Gail’s’ powerful Get a Grip and Go®! process in the areas of personal prosperity and abundance.  The process is simple and profound – and in a word – it WORKS!  Gail was able to unearth the hidden barriers to my success while she taught me how to effectively get what I want.  During the process, my income increased, I received unexpected money and I had unexpected cost savings….and the positive benefits have continued long after the program was over.  The internal shifts that I gained through Get a Grip and Go are life changing.  I highly recommend both Gail Stone and Get a Grip and Go®!
- Andrea Shea Hudson, Business & Life Strategist - -


Wouldn’t you like to be able to say these same things about your life?

Are you ready to receive what you’ve been wanting?
Isn’t it time you got on with it and started succeeding and enjoying life?

If you answered yes, then you are at the point where desire meets momentum, and you are ready to start receiving what you want!

Yea for you!

If you’ve got the desire, I’ll supply the momentum.

And you've got nothing to lose because I offer a full 60-day money back guarantee!



Let’s get a grip and go!!  

How YOU can experience the Get a Grip and Go®! Process…

While some people choose to buy each of the Get a Grip and Go®! items individually, the people who are really eager and make the fastest progress choose the self-help course or decide to work with me one-on-one in my 10 week program.

It’s totally up to you. Just let me know how I can help you the most.

If you are ready for the self-help course or decide to work with me one-on-one in my 10 week program, as an extra congratulations for making this commitment to yourself, you’ll receive the whole kit and Kaboodle, including the Guide, the set of 2 CD’s AND a bonus video to guide you even more effectively through the entire Get a Grip and Go®! process – all at no extra cost!

"Gail’s unrelenting passion and energy is so captivating and inviting, I actually found it difficult not to devour the CD program in one sitting. She is completely aligned with her brand  and I found her methodology and exercises to be both unique, and more importantly, applicable to numerous situations in both my business and personal life.

Lastly, as an audio producer, I have to say I’m completely impressed and appreciative of the top-notch production quality she employs to further heighten the experience. Thanks Gail!"

 - Michael Ehlert, Founder, Creative Director,

Your Get a Grip and Go®! options*:

Your Choice!

Your Investment!

Your Grip!

The Get a Grip and Go®! 2 CD set

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$24.95 US

The Get a Grip and Go®!Guide

Read a Sample

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$19.95 US

Fall Special Price


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The Get a Grip and Go®! Self-help Course for faster results

This packages includes:
- the Get a Grip and Go®! Guide,
- the Get a Grip and Go®! 2 CD Set,
the BONUS Get a Grip and Go®! video
- and a personal, focused 45 minute coaching session with Gail!

$197.00 US

10-Week One-On-One Get a Grip and Go®! Coaching Package!

Click here to schedule a collaborative interview before ordering.

Coaching package includes:

Ten 45-minute sessions – usually scheduled on the phone and over a 3 month period . We will devise a schedule that works best for you.

The “Get a Grip and Go®! 5 Simple Steps to Receiving What You Want” Home Study Course with the Guide, CDs and video ($197 value)

DISC behavioral assessment to help you understand your natural communication and operating style and how you impact others ($37.50 value)

Email support whenever the need arises (priceless)

Loads of resources and recommendations to groups and other sites that will also keep you on track

$499 US per month/3months ($1497 total investment)


$1345 US one time payment (10% discount)



“Dear Gail, thank you so much for the session on Monday. You helped me to remember my mission at this time – such a huge gift! You are a great coach with so much to share. I am blessed to know you.”
– Kimberly, PR Specialist

As you can see, I’m quite excited about this process, and can’t wait to share it with you! This is my passion, and I know that with this simple 5-step process you really can get a grip and start receiving all the good you can envision. You deserve the best, my dear! Know that.

If you’re ready, I’m set. Let’s Get a Grip and Go®!

Gail H. Stone, helping people to Get a Grip and Go®!

P.S. In case you’re still not sure what’s right for you or maybe you want to speak with me to hear more about my one-on-one coaching and how I can help you start receiving that good you so deserve - Click here to schedule a free collaborative interview.


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