When I think of Gail, I think of someone who is:

- "a proven professional with national contacts, high quality products and services, with access to a demonstrated team of diverse professionals committed to a global perspective."

– Madelyn, financial services executive

- "a 'cheerleader’' with insight, savvy, compassion, has boundless energy, high spirits, is spiritual, affirming, lively, focused, empowering, as well as realistic and pragmatic, motivating, pro active with a ‘wicked’ sense of humor."

- Jo, fundraising executive

Ever wish for a simple process to take you from asking to receiving? Look no further!

Get a Grip and Go! - 5 Simple Steps to Receiving What You Want is a unique and powerful coaching process I will walk you through. And here's the bonus: it will not only help you go from ask to receive quickly and effectively, but it will also turn you into a Thriver - a person who thrives and flourishes through any challenge!

The Get a Grip and Go! Process is all about learning how to empower yourself, putting the power back where it belongs – within you. Then, when a new life challenge comes along, you’ll see that there’s a choice, to “choke” or to choose to Get a Grip and Go!

What are your needsone-on-one coaching , a quick boost /crisis support, group classes, an inspirational speaker for your company/group? Want to check out some dynamic products, read informative, enlivening articles? Could you use a burst of energy and enthusiasm with some inspiration mixed in? It’s all here for you. Click these links to learn more.

As several of the interior pages illustrate, I work with individuals and groups in a variety of ways, incorporating my 5 step Get a Grip and Go! Process. This powerful process takes you step by step through visualizing, verbalizing and making visible what you want in life. The result – you get it and you will be operating like a powerful, confident Thriver – a person who thrives and flourishes no matter what life throws at you.

Feel free to click through all the links to see how I can help or contact me.

“You were like this little angel on my shoulder, whispering in my ear, ‘get a grip and go, Ed! This is your chance.’!”

- Ed, graphic designer

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