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Dr. Lance Secretan
Author of 13 books on leadership, including his newest, ONE: The Art and Practice of Conscious Leadership
Founder of The Secretan Center


“Gail Stone shows you how to create mastery in your life by putting the power back where it belongs – within YOU!  Her five step process is a unique blend of personal intuition, ancient wisdom and current scientific research.  This is the book to read if you want to start learning how to act as if nothing is impossible to achieve and receive.”


rave review

Marcia Wieder
Author of Making Your Dreams Come True
President, America's Dream Coach


“This beautiful book is filled with heart-centered principles designed to help you do what’s most essential. Figure out what’s most important and move toward it.”


Michael Port
Author of Book Yourself Solid
President, Michael Port & Associates


“The Get a Grip and Go®! Guide is hot-hot-hot! Gail has created a blueprint for engineering the life you love. She shows you how to choose a course and make it happen fast. Get a grip and grab this book and get on the fast track to success.”


andria hall

 Andria Hall
Author of The Walk at Work: Seven Steps to Spiritual Success on the Job
Broadcast Journalist and Speaker


“Gail Stone is solid as a rock on this one.  Funny, practical and truly insightful.  This book is as transparent and authentic as the writer herself.  I should know.  I've watched Gail grow for the past 20 years - always hopeful, always prayerful, always sage.  If you are stuck, stale or simply in a rut, Get a Grip and Go®! is the high octane fuel you need now to get you walking in purpose, passion and the pursuit of excellence."

Mitch Meyerson
Author of Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars

President, Guerrilla Marketing Coach


“This book is like a slap on the head to get you thinking and realizing you can get what you want in life - if you apply Gail's 5 simple steps. It's like having the owner's manual you've always wished for, engagingly written by the energizer expert herself to keep you inspired. Get it and gain the key to unleashing the power of you.”

Kim George
Author of Coaching Into Greatness
CEO of AQ Institute


“Gail Stone lives and breathes getting results. If you're looking for a concise, effective strategy to meet your goals, reach your dreams and accomplish more of what you want in life, Gail's the person to get you there. She has an uncanny ability to cut through fluff and identify the core barriers to success. Get this book, commit yourself to the exercises and you'll be amazed at the difference in your life!”


rave reviews

Meredith Young-Sowers, D.Div.
Author of the Angelic Messenger Cards and Wisdom Bowls
Director/Founder the Stillpoint School of Advanced Energy Healing


“We all need simple, powerful and easy to follow steps toward greater inner freedom and outer success. Gail Stone sets our feet on a wonderful path to identify the beliefs and attitudes that diminish and disempower us as she shows us how to change and transform these to move forward with our lives and to make the most of our natural talents and skills. She's a most skillful teacher and guide and I recommend this book to all who want to make their lives better and happier”


gail stone rave reviews

Lynne Klippel
Author of Web Wonder Women


“As a talk radio show host, personal development expert and author, I meet people every day who are stuck and unhappy.  They are disappointed in their lives and feel helpless to change their circumstances. Get a Grip and Go®! provides an elegant, powerful process that will help anyone willing to use it to create a better life.  So many books tell you to empower yourself. Get a Grip and Go®! shows you exactly HOW to tap into your personal power and get your life moving in the right direction.”

David Dibble
Author The New Agreements in the Workplace – Releasing the Human Spirit Founder of the New Agreements Center for Enlightened Leadership


“Gail has done something both unique and powerful in writingGet a Grip and Go®! She’s merged both practical and universal principles into a fast-paced, interactive model for personal and professional change. The reader isn’t told “how” to change or to “what” to aspire. We are actually engaged in a remarkable, life-changing process that takes us ever closer to our life purpose. Like a thrilling amusement park experience, sometimes the best way to get the most out of this incredible ride we call life is to simply Get a Grip and Go®! Read Gail’s book. Or more importantly, experience the ride.”


gail stone rave reviews

Adam Gainsburg
Author of Sacred Marriage Astrology: The Soul's Desire for Wholeness
Counseling Astrologer and Teacher


“Not only is Gail Stone's message crucial in this day and age, but she fully embodies what she teaches. Get a Grip and Go®! is a 'little' book which is not little at all. Stone passionately reminds us that the pursuit of enjoying our life isn't a strive for easy street, but requires a re-accessing of our heart's passion, truth and courage. And when it happens, nothing can stand in our way of what we want.”


gail stone rave reviews

Nina East
Author of Rapid Relationship Recovery    Business & Career Catalyst

www.ninaeast.com, www.MyMentorCoach.com

“How would you like to be able to completely turn things around so that instead of feeling hassled by your beliefs, you were helped and healed by them? Get ready!  Working with Gail taught me so much about my attitude and the little self-sabotage things I used to do that added up to so much! Now, it’s so clear that I’m not just a survivor or a striver….I’m a kick-butt THRIVER!  Gail’s 5 step process is simple, yet so profound! Thank you, Gail, for showing us how to lighten up, stay on track and get from asking to receiving!”


gail stone rave reviews

Jane E. Johnson
President of Cool Cool Stuff


“Gail Stone is a WOW in my book!  Great things always happen when I work with Gail!  She is a joy to work with and consistently shows up with her positive attitude, outstanding communication skills and her ability to see and achieve excellence.  Gail’s Get a Grip and Go®! process zero’s in on creating results worth realizing.  She exhibited mastery in guiding me through her process and I recommend it to anyone wanting to achieve results, using a proven process, to create more of what you want for your life.”


ellie pope

Ellie Pope
Founder of Wild Wiggle


“Gail's Get a Grip and Go®! process is phenomenal.  In our time working on prosperity together, Gail took me "in" quickly.  With her support, I saw beliefs and perspectives that had been holding me back, which I hadn't even been aware of.  These included the source of my prosperity and energy drains, and how I give up easily with my finances.   Quite frankly, I was surprised, since I had already done so much other work to uncover hidden beliefs.  During my time working with Gail on prosperity, I got an unexpected $13,000 tax refund, and I found $3,000 in an old account.  Gail's support and energy are unfailing.  I wholeheartedly recommend working with Gail and with Get a Grip and Go®!"


gail stone rave reviews

Andrea Shea Hudson
Business & Life Strategies


“Gail Stone is truly gifted.  She is a rare combination of love, keen intelligence, humor, deep spirituality, boundless energy, wisdom and insight.  A true “can do” person, Gail possesses a gentle yet firm perseverance.  I have had the pleasure of working through Gail’s’ powerful Get a Grip and Go®! process in the areas of personal prosperity and abundance.  The process is simple and profound – and in a word – it WORKS!  Gail was able to unearth the hidden barriers to my success while she taught me how to effectively get what I want.  During the process, my income increased, I received unexpected money and I had unexpected cost savings….and the positive benefits have continued long after the program was over.  The internal shifts that I gained through Get a Grip and Go®! are life changing.  I highly recommend both Gail Stone and Get a Grip and Go®!


gail stone rave reviews

Alicia Smith
DISC Ninja - Consultant, Coach, Trainer


“I feel privileged to have traveled with Gail for work.  During our time together I saw that Gail truly walks her talk.  Her every day begins with the process she is now teaching others.  The good news is that she has now laid her walk out, like a path of gold, for anyone who is ready to take the first step.  Follow her 5 Simple Steps to Receiving What You Want and life will become easier and more rewarding.  If not now, when?”


Linda Hanan
Human Design Analyst

“ Gail Stone is a combination of energizer bunny and guru. The quotes in this workbook are worth the price of admission alone, but you will be astounded at the effectiveness of the exercises to move you through resistance. Watch the limiting beliefs disappear as you Get a Grip and Go®! for whatever you want in life.”

Beverlee Brown
Astrological Counselor


"In her self-empowerment book—"Get a Grip and Go®! Five Simple Steps To Receiving What You Want"—Gail Stone presents an essential truth: our thinking begets our reality. Her five steps for receiving what we want are valuable tools, designed to guide us lovingly and positively toward our desired destination. I'm applying the five steps myself, to help me "lighten up"— physically as well as emotionally, fully convinced that heaviness of body and spirit are interdependent."


gail stone rave reviews

Bea Fields
President of Bea Fields Companies


“This book is outstanding, and it will show you how to:
- create that vision,
- hold that belief,
- shift your attitude,
- set a magnetic intention,
- design a powerful action plan,
- and remove the blocks in your way, so you can, as Gail says, 'Stop whining and start winning!'”

Gail H. Stone, helping people to Get a Grip and Go®!

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