The Real Secret to THRIVING in life !

How to stop surviving and start THRIVING … and be a Real Winner
in the Game of Life!  

Develop the Instincts of a Thriver!

From the desk of Gail Stone
Monday, 6:23 p.m.

For most of my life I’ve been curious about what makes some people struggle and strain to survive through life, and what makes others seem to thrive and win no matter what life hands them?

You might even say I’ve gone a bit overboard in figuring this out.
But I think that’s a good thing!

You see, I’m a lot like you.
I know what it’s like to work hard and not have things quite work out the way you were expecting.
I know what it’s like to put your all into something, and still feel like you’re eeking along, simply surviving.

And I know what it’s like to want something so bad you can taste it, and to crave that feeling of truly THRIVING!  

And, like you, I’m not willing to settle for less.

So, being the passionate information-seeker that I am, I decided to figure this whole thing out.
Here’s what I’ve found out….

THRIVERS know things that Survivors don’t .

They have SECRETS! (Ten, to be exact.)

Here’s something else I discovered, which is the source of their power….

The Attitude of a Thriver has nothing to do with who they think you are or what they think you can accomplish. It has everything to do with who YOU think you are and what YOU think you can accomplish.

The good news is that even if you weren’t born with the attitude or instincts of a THRIVER, you CAN LEARN THEM!

“Working with Gail has taught me so much about my attitude and the little self-sabotage things I used to do that added up to so much! Now, it’s so clear that I’m not just a survivor or a striver….I’m a kick-butt THRIVER!
The Thriver Secrets are simple, yet so profound! Thank you, Gail, for mastering your own gremlins and helping the rest of us hit the Thriver button!”

--- Nina East, coach, author, trainer,

Being a Thriver

Think of it as a pyramid.
The pyramid shows the levels humans go through.

At the base of the pyramid is Survivor Mode.
A lot of us start in survivor mode…we have to earn a living to get us food and a warm, secure place to live. We’re focused on getting our basic needs met. There are lots and lots of people living in this category.

Then, once we start to feel a bit more secure, we move up into the Striver mode – in the center of the pyramid.
This is where we rapidly try to accumulate “things” to make us feel better about ourselves and where we are in life.

If you’ve been around awhile, you probably remember the ‘yuppies’ from the 1980’s. Now you would recognize them as the people who have all the latest gadgets and toys, but may be living paycheck to paycheck or financing their lifestyle on credit cards – but are they really happy.

At the top of the pyramid, you find the Thrivers.
This is a much smaller group than the other two…mostly because, until now, the Thriver secrets were still just that – secrets.
At this level, you decide to simply Thrive and flourish in your life, despite any of the circumstances around you…or the stuff you may or may not have.
Life actually takes on more meaning…and, remarkably, it actually becomes happier and easier.

Click here to read the recent article I wrote on Thrivers – “The Thriver’s Secrets to Success. It Starts With Your Attitude – Get a Grip and Go®!”

On your “ Thriver – nor Survivor” CD, you’ll actually learn how to make these shifts for yourself!

It is possible…and the science is even on your side!

People used to believe that if you’re a pessimist, you can’t really change your attitude or your circumstances.

But now, psychologists and physicists are finding that’s not true.
In fact, it’s just the opposite!

This is really great news!

It has actually been proven that if you shift the way you look at things, the things actually begin to change. That’s true whether they are people, jobs, relationships, life situations…virtually anything!

Things literally change based on the way you look at them. It’s not just your perspective that changes…the things themselves actually change!

With that, there’s no reason to simply survive – when you can THRIVE through life.

You’ll hear a lot more about this research on your “ Thriver – not Survivor” CD.

Here’s another interesting finding…

Did you know that in a recent study by the American Psychological Association,

75% of Americans, ages 25 – 74, are actually LANGUISHING in their lives?

Pretty scary, isn’t it?

And just to be crystal clear, languish means “to weaken, to become depressed, to pine”.

Oh my!

If so many people are at the languishing end of the continuum, no wonder “surviving” has looked pretty good to us. After all, at least we weren’t languishing!

But still…it’s not quite enough, is it?
Not for you.

You don’t want to simply survive through life when you can THRIVE through life!

So get ready…it’s all about to change for you.

“I had a truly “ah ha” moment when I heard Gail present the research findings about us having the power within ourselves to shift our attitudes. I, too, was a dyed-in-the-wool pessimist, like the doctor she mentions who wrote the book, Learned Optimism. I decided to make the change Gail suggested and shift the way I explain things to myself. It really works! I now can see the glass as half full rather than half empty. Amazing now that I couldn’t see it all along, but better late then never. Thanks, Gail!”

- Katrina Adams, corporate VP

Here’s some more good news:

You don’t have to be part of the 75%!
You GET to be part of the 25% who are THRIVING!

And what’s really great is that I’ve found that people who are drawn to this site, just like you were, are poised to leap to the thriving end of the continuum!


How great is that?

With your Thriver – not Survivor CD, you’ll learn

  • how to use the Thriving Instinct to develop the attitude of a champion,
  • how to adopt the 3 golden rules of a thriver to help you meet challenges and turn them into opportunities, and
  • how to apply the 10 Thriver Secrets to success to help you thrive through life,
  • how to stop whining, and start winning

Here’s what you’ll get with your power-packed Thriver CD:

Track 1 – Why Survive, when you can thrive? The Thriving Instinct and why it’s important!

Track 2 – What is the attitude of a champion? How to shift from pessimism to optimism, plus the hardiness trait and how it helps!

Track 3 – What is a Creative Solutions Expert? The importance of asking for support; how intentionally seeking to be happy makes all the difference, and how to start doing this right away!

Track 4 – How to thrive in the face of health challenges with 3 keys to healing yourself; the 3 Golden Rules of Thrivers; the reason to bloom where you’re planted – and more!

Track 5 – Using an attitude of gratitude to activate the law of attraction; the importance of acting “as if” and why it works; plus Thrivers’ Secrets #1-4 - and more!

Track 6 – Thrivers’ Secrets #5-10; how hope and optimism are critical to thriving, the bottom line attitude of a thriver – and even more!

You might be wondering if you actually have time for this. After all, you already have lots of pressures and stressors, just trying to make it through today’s crisis, right? (The ole’ survivor stuff…)

The truth is, my dear, if you are asking that question, then you don’t NOT have time to do this.
Frankly, the best way to make it through a challenge or crisis is to think and act like a Thriver.
You NEED to develop a Thriver Response!

Positive psychologists define the thriving response as “reconstructing life’s meaning in response to life’s most destructive occurrences.”

So, it’s not that a Thriver goes around whistling a happy tune all day, but that he or she is a conscious creator and mindful attractor of good, rather than a mindless acceptor.

As a Thriver, you are hardier, happier, healthier, and more hopeful than other people!

The research proves it.
So you can actually deal differently with whatever comes up.
And because you will begin to see things differently, they will actually change and BE different.

How great does that feel?

Wouldn’t you like to be able to handle anything life throws at you?

“Just listening to Gail’s voice energizes me and makes me think that I can do anything I put my mind to – it’s like she does a mind meld or something. But seriously, the information presented is powerful and it has helped me change the way I operate when I’m faced with a challenge. I say to myself, ‘What would a thriver do?’, then I apply the appropriate secret. This is great stuff!”

- Susan DeVissio, fundraising executive

With your Thriver CD, you’ll learn just how to do that!

Plus, when you make the Thriver jump and order your CD, I’ll also send you a copy of my groundbreaking special report on Thrivers…something to whet your appetite and jumpstart your Thriver shift even more. And you'll be invited to become a member of the Thriver's Community and have an opportunity to participate in our weekly Thriver's Inspire Call.

"I recently attended Gail's Thriver's presentation. Whoa! It should have come with a warning! Warning: "You will be energized. You will be inspired. You will learn great insightful and practical tips and techniques that you can start to use right now." I have experienced many seminars and Gail stands out as a person with such authentic and infectious passion and energy that you can't but help to love her and what she has to share. Gail rocks!" 

- George Fleming, Coach & Speaker,

Your Investment:

Your jam-packed CD, including all the Thriver Secrets and how to use them starting today, plus the keys to learning to handle anything – anything – that life throws at you, is just $19.95 US.

You’re worth that, right?
(hint…a Thriver says “Yes!”)

And, I’m so confident that this will help you shift your attitude from survivor mode to thriver mode, that I am offering a 60 day full money back guarantee.

That means no real risk or cost to you for anything else than your time spent listening and, hopefully, some further spent time absorbing and planning a way to institute what you’ve just learned.

So…if you’re really ready to stop surviving and start THRIVING and get your value-rich Thriver – not Survivor CD, plus your Thrivers’ Special Report and membership in the Thriver's Community, all you have to do is click!

If you’re still not sure, let me ask you this…

What if this really is the one thing that will finally make a difference for you?
Would it be worth finding out?
What would have to happen for you to give yourself that chance?
What would a THRIVER do?

I don’t want to pressure you in to anything, for sure…but I also don’t want to let you off the hook and have you end up back at the bottom of the pyramid…or in that 75% that’s languishing.

You deserve better. And I think you know that.
Come on out and THRIVE!

And remember the 60 day full money back guarantee.

Yours in thriving and succeeding in life,

Gail H. Stone, helping people to Get a Grip and Go®!

p.s. Remember, with your "Thriver – Not Survivor" CD, you’ll also get the Thriver Special Report and membership in the Thriver Community – you’re going to love it!

p.p.s. All you have to lose is the struggle.

p.p.p.s. Listen to this introductory call on the Thriver's Secrets to Success.



Gail H. Stone
The Get a Grip and Go®! Coach, Professional Speaker and Author


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